Licensing Philosophy

We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and for companies to get to know us personally. Our experience has shown that it is most effective to work individually with a company to identify specific areas of interest. We then bring inventions and innovations that specifically match the company's interests to the attention of the company. With many new inventions and constantly developing technologies, the EERC Foundation portfolio is always changing. We, therefore, encourage companies to keep in touch on a regular basis and also to contact us when a particular technology need arises.

License Terms
If you aren't able to be successful, we won't be successful. We strive to develop license terms that complement your business plan. Our licensing terms are flexible and depend on the desires of the licensing company. Exclusivity, field of use, subdivision of patent rights, and sublicensing provisions are tools available to shape the license. Running royalties, license issue fees, and other terms are tailored to match a licensee's needs and the realities of the market. Some listings may have limited licensing opportunities because of existing relationships.