Technologies Portfolio

Two primary market forces–energy and the environment–shape the business model, expertise, and technologies of the EERC Foundation. The energy industry is focused on the growing demand for more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly technologies for a wide variety of fuels; the environmental field is challenged with the growing demand for the cleanup and control of air, water, solid emissions, and other environmental hazards. The overall focus of the EERC Foundation is to provide technologies aimed at providing sustainable energy; clean air and water; and fertile, productive soils for present and future generations. Key areas in which the EERC Foundation is currently advancing technologies into the marketplace include the following.

Select Energy & Environmental Technologies Portfolios
Particulate Collection Technologies
Renewable Fuel Technologies
Water Technologies
Gasification Technologies
Oil and Gas Technologies
Hydrogen On-Demand Technologies
Nitrogen Fertilizer Technologies
Coal Liquefaction Technologies
Gas-Phase Pollutant Capture/Control Technologies
Metallurgy Technologies
Activated Carbon Technologies